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Queen Chi

The process of adoption in Nigeria can take as long as 16-18 months. Being a parent is no easy task, so, anyone intending to adopt must be ready to go through the rigorous but rewarding journey.

The first step begins with choosing an adoption service provider. They are responsible for conducting a home study and they also assist with child placement.

Then, to be found eligible to adopt with the social welfare office in a state, fill out the home study document form and submit your application alongside the necessary documents as suggested by Dammybas.

If the prospective parent is found eligible and a child is available within the given state, a referral will be given. The child must be eligible for adoption according to Nigeria’s requirements.

At this stage, you gain access to temporary custody of the child. The Nigerian court determines the duration to establish the parent- child relationship.

Eventually, a court appointment will be scheduled to confirm or deny the Nigerian adoption application.

NOTE- The U.S. Consulate has no record of any licensed Nigerian adoption agencies. Prospective adoption parents should seek assistance from a Nigerian attorney to facilitate the adoption process. The U.S. Consulate maintains a list of licensed attorneys within various states in Nigeria.

SOURCE:U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Nigeria

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