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Queen Chi

‘Why can’t I get pregnant this time around?’ is a bugging question couples with secondary infertility often ask.

Well, here are a few other reasons you might consider:

    Age: Fertility naturally declines as age decreases.

    New Partner: Your new partner might have an undiagnosed infertility problem.

    Worsened underlying fertility problem: You might have had endometriosis, subclinical PCOS or maybe your ovarian reserves were already decreasing. These issues might lead to a worsened fertility problem.

    Weight Gain: This may lead to ovulation problems in women, and possibly impact sperm health in men.

    Fertility Problem from Previous Pregnancy: Child birth may cause a pelvic infection or multiple D&C procedures may cause uterine adhesions or blocked fallopian tubes. Also, having a C-section, can cause a scarred tissue, which can impact fertility too.

SOURCE: Very Well Clinic

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